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Here is a first helpful step, for getting what you want in the long run. Taking actions.

Attitude for taking actions:

  1. Don’t be perfect, make the right and make it right. Perfection is an illusion of the minds idea of perfection.
  2. Effortless doesn’t mean no effort, it means some effort of the things that bring you forward.
    • The principle of 20/80 is, that only 20% of your actions, give you 80% results. To be fair here, you first have to do 100%, to know, what the 20% are. Many people find themselves in avoiding work or action, and see that 20/80 rule as a pure killer for there success, because they just don’t know what the 20% are. Besides this, they do not even get one good result.
    • Being effortless is relative, as we are all judging differently. The one who appears to be effortless is still doing a lot. Saying things in the right moment to get the results for example, is effortless. But doing nothing isn’t effortless. The effort here lies within the consistent avoiding of tasks, what brings you nowhere. You just waste time and possible effort for your goals.
  3. Experience the Now how it is. Experience that thoughts, feelings, words and actions are aligned and are congruent with your true inner purpose. The Moment is just the product of that alignment. We literally create moments with every blink. It has to be a non-judgmental point of view. From this you can start to think out of the box and forward to your goals.

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