Happylife Education


Now and then I see the beautiful way of making money just by giving an honest recommendation of what I use on a regular basis. Like referring a friend by the hand to the good old cinema where we only spent money on something like quick satisfaction. Imagine the cinema is paying you commission, wouldn’t you invite 7 friends to get in for free? I bet you would do it! Imagine every week you just put 7 people there who are willing to pay in order to see the movie, but you can enter gratis. That would be such an awesome thing. Forget it, this business is not made for making you rich, it is made making you consume. In life we meet many people and many are of high inspirational level for us. Some may just influence us in a little way, some having a huge impact on the next thoughts, feelings, words and actions we make. This defines who we are and who we choose to become. All works simultaneously and properly if we think of positive terms, being helpful, playful and in a fun way. In the past self I was conditioned as the typical poor guy. Average education, average looks, average income, average relationship, everything was average. So my decisions have been and the reality and what surrounds me. Where was the money? It was just not in my awareness. Too lacky mindset, too much excuses, too little actions, too depressing thoughts, … What all comes back to poor education or better just missing access to certain kind of information.

Today I realize this images and shape them for desire. So when there is no way of getting a referral payment from inviting people to the cinema, I just change the product. Many say at this point it doesn’t make any sense to sell something what you don’t use, don’t know or even don’t like. People think you only invite them to make money. They think, when you don’t get money, you make it more honest, sincere and without any other intentions. To be fair. How can you really be sure, that you really get what you want? Use it. So I do this.

Here you will get some honest recommendations of services, products or guides what helped me in the past and what helps me still to create a future where we all can benefit from. A good business is always a WIN-WIN-WIN-situation. Where not only we both as groups win, but in the long run everybody can profit from it. So what I can say to that is, if I can earn my happy subscription back and even extend my income, why I should’t do it? What social conditioning is still blocking our society to think like that? Make your choice. Imagine with a referral of 2 friends, you get back the investment and more. Wouldn’t you do it? If not, why not and what in the worst case ever could happen if?

So here are the Top 10 of Products and Services what I use regular and I suggest you to get the same!