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Here begins the fun and entertainment for some people. In some reason the practices itself are stupid and I do not really like to do them, but what I like in it, is the meaning for the bigger goal. I see the idea of me in the idea of the future and the idea of the past influences the idea of feelings, thoughts, words and actions. You see how I use the word idea and put it upfront. That gives a better sense of being detached with something, as I just be attached with the idea of that. You can replace idea with words like illusion or imagination. In german there are many various words what describes it better. And still, what does this have to do with coaching?

As you may see while you read, that you not just read these black letters, but you are more likely to picture that somehow in your mind. You may imagine to just read back the last sentence and you see yourself doing it. But then you just read further without doing it. Even if you did, you still just have total unemotional words in front of you on the screen. Words are nothing without a meaning. If you want to judge here, you can say: Words are nothing without the RIGHT meaning. This would create the idea in you, that there will be a negative meaning too. When we create words, we also create somehow the opposite. Better to look at things non judgmental and therefore limitless. Even here, to be better is judgment too. Comparing the past with the future is comparing ideas with each other. Not existent but in your mind. What exists, is the action we take now.

When we start to look at things nonjudgmental, we provide us a whole new dimension of pure freedom. Still this is a judgment too. Because non-judgement implies the opportunity of judgement. Any way, this is a loop hole until we realize that there can only be a start and a finish, when we make the first step towards it. No matter where you are at in the cycle, you need to start now to make it happen.

Ask yourself, for what might it be good to become free of limiting beliefs, thoughts, words and actions? Maybe because now you have capacity for a good life. That means, you have to let go of these habits and routines to program new and successful ones, or not? Be like the trees in autumn that prepare for the winter. Just let it go naturally to flower even more beautiful after being totally naked, cold and hard. The difference between you and a tree is, that you can give it a meaning and do not need to suffer. Or, you suffer, just because you judge it negetative. And that is what trees doesn’t. Consciousness is thriving but mind influence is shaping it. You are your own limitation. And not even that, you are just a bad copy of someone else. Choose who you want to become, by being who you choose. If you don’t know it yet, this is by far the only worst thing that could possibly happen.

Allow yourself to imagine life is just a game, a building block in what we fill our idea of reality in only 1 single day. Every heartbeat, every breath, every thought and action makes it count. There are no years, months, weeks etc. It is always now. Repeating 1 day over and over again to make the best out of it. Growing, thriving consciously. Every intention is aligned with our purpose, where thoughts, feelings, sounds and actions are balanced and in harmony. That means to be stress free, where all pressure just doesn’t get attached with you, because you realize that it is just an disharmony and imbalance.

The solution is to feel disconnected and weightless with all senses deprivation. That is the point where you even feel disconnect from the body and the identification of yourself. As you do that, you realize the attachment of ego and practice to detach from the idea of ego and identity. This is the point, from where you can start to solve all problems by your own. Where you only need breath. There is not even 1 thing you cannot achieve. And I am not talking about money so far.

Consider an empty space is full of non visible information. Just that. And you get all these information with just letting go. To make it cristal clear, to let got doesn’t mean to have nothing, but letting go for at least a few hours a week, until we punish ourselves over and over again to do something we do not like, to be somewhere we do not want to be, to have friends we do not want to be with, to have things we do not want to have, all the problems and all of more bla bla bla, is just a story you believe and you tell yourself.

Usually, all is unfiltered and this makes it so interesting to let go of limiting beliefs. It is just easy to always ask just a couple of influencing questions to you or even other people, that they can see how life really works and that nothing is to worry about, to stress about, to be depressed about, to be … I stop here to fill this “empty” space NOW with something we want to have, where we want to be, with who and how we want to be. That is the real story. That imagination is the reality.

Everybody knows it already. If you fake a smile, the chances are high you really start so smile. Biology or matter can be influenced by intention too. But not only then, but also consciously, even if it is a “fake” smile. This is a conscious action, but the feelings, thoughts or sounds are not totally aligned. That is why some people spot it as fake smile in pictures e.g. You know that., or not? You realize that, but nobody told you about it further. Look at a dog or a cat. They can also influence their reality. Speaking to other cats, but mostly they speak with their bodies. Humans have developed a verbal language but totally lacking higher understanding about body language and what it means. Words are nothing without the sounds and strength by intentional influence. Because language makes it complicated. We express our thoughts and feelings with our actions. The words just round it up in a logical way, that the mind can logically understand. This need to understands holds us back from intentional experience. Fear is the main distraction of intention. Better, fear can be distraction, if you do not know, how you can give fear another meaning, that you can use this negative power and transform it to positive power what drives you motivated. And then, you will be influenced by the minds idea of how your actions may be judged by others. But to be fair, this is a matter or their understanding of thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We are all living the same reality, with a different awareness, POVs, ideas, imaginations of it. Again, you see the loophole here repeating itself over and over again.

We want to achieve a state of mind like liquid water. We are actually shapeless, but with intention we can change our forms. And water doesn’t mind, if we put it into a rectangle form or a V form. It just filles the form non-judgmental. If you need science to belief, look at the ice in your freezer. This is water, but consciously transformed by dropping temperature. And you can do this with your body too. With one difference. All the cells are connected and working properly together. You are not just water information, what can be “cold” sometimes. All of you is information kept together somehow that it is how it is. If you want to be healthy, happy, wealthy, … , just lose the limiting information. And soak up the information that brings you forward.

If you want to become geographically independent for example, travel the world and have the total freedom, then you have to take the information what gets you there. How easy is that? And here is the thing, you can create this information, too. You can be the design, by you as a designer. Maybe you think now, that is not so easy, as you are constantly overwhelmed by destructive information from television, advertisements, Facebook, media, movies, series that tells you opposite… To get the information you want, distraction makes you fail miserably until you give up. Do you get what you want by giving it up? No. Just push smarter. If you have the right tools, then you might not even have to push, because you are wiser with every action and just tweak the right buttons that brings you that desired outcome.

Because I pushed and tweaked so much in the last couple of years in solving problems for others, but didn’t charge anything, I think, you also deserve this information for free on that page.

The only thing I charge is a Personal Coaching and Consultation. This is possible over skype, facebook or whatsapp.

The University of Happy Life Platin Membership includes my private Whatsapp Number, the private facebook tribe and the access to the members area.

This saves you years of learning, thousands of cash and makes you richer in the long run. Do you want to become richer in the long run? And with long run I mean not 62 years, like most of the people think it takes to become financially rich. Since I am in online marketing, blogging etc. the more people I see who are making a fortune within just a couple of months or just 3 years. How is that possible? With ideas and actions towards achievement of exact this. When we limit the idea to exchanging time with money, that we will get exact this. Choose to create and choose another idea of reality for you right now!

To become that person who can motivate yourself constantly to go even further, you just need to allow it yourself to be.

In this Coaching Programm you discover the amazing benefits of asking the right questions and how it influences our daily life. You get to know all the basics to create powerful questions to solve problems. You’ll learn how to set goals and how to achieve them, just by easy simple steps. The only thing what you have to do is to relax and allow yourself to this new dimension. The cool part is, that you can always shift back to the old idea of reality. For many people there is no way back.

To guarantee you amazing success, awesome results and great outcomes, there are only limited seats available for the personal coaching. It is 100 per year, as I provide a high quality service what takes time and effort to manage. To give you the best experience and ultimate satisfaction I take it serious with the serious part. Your precious money. I bet you only gonna spend money on something what brings you really forward and what is interesting, what provides high value information and what pays you more back in the long run so you can make profit with a small investment in yourself.

You think now probably where I know all this things from that makes you filter other information to become almost filter free and non-judgmental. What makes you more aware and humble. You realize more and more the power of intentions and you get more and more rid of conditioning, because you recognize these patterns and routines. Then you begin to shape them with your thoughts. You create ideas, set goals and achieve them continuously, effortlessly and effectively. It will always be easy, except you allow it to be hard. Bear that in mind. Resonate with the abundance and take action when your intention sends you signals in form of words, thoughts, ideas, feelings and more.

Here is how it briefly works:

  1. You have a problem, what you cannot solve or carry with you for months or years.
  2. The longer you keep the problem unsolved, the harder it seems to be possible to solve.
  3. You have to understand, that the solution is already there. The problem is just in the way.
  4. If you avoid the problem, you never get the solution behind it.
  5. You can solve the problem by yourself and you’ll be happy after trial and error.
  6. Or you pay service that your problems gonna be solved.
  7. The best option will be a mix of these 2.
  8. Imagine you just learn a few simple easy steps to integrate in your life, and then you can solve all problems within just a few seconds without years of trial and error and ten’s of thousands of cash.
  9. How does that sound for you to solve all problems within just a few seconds?

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