Yoga Challenge

How to lose weight and get a tinier belly, become healthier, fitter and happier? If you haven’t heard from yoga yet,¬†watch the video¬†from certified instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton to have feeling about what NOT doing yoga is doing to your body all the time. The meaning of Yoga for us. Yoga is a mindful practice that changes genetics by influencing breath, thoughts, actions. To let Yoga work for us, we have to learn it. Yoga becomes a habit that eliminates other habits with destructive character and judgement and we just replace them through the understanding of pure consciousness about awareness and focus on breath, thoughts and actions. Beginning to feel aligned, where everything just flows simultaneously, effortless, natural. In these moments of concentration, no other thought can be thought. That is the moment of the now with no judgement. This means in that period of each Yoga session you gonna lose … Continue reading Yoga Challenge