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Why to be happy or why choose to be happy?

Shortly said, when one is happy, life is happy for one. One can be you. What you are, is your influence in the world. When you know who or what and why you are and how to be and how to act and behave, all comes naturally from a standpoint of happiness. So when it comes to the question of why to be happy, it has many answers. Every individual can choose by its own ability to choose, consciously or by accident and in any direction. Literally, you decide if you are happy or not. What one can, all can. The power is within you, within each of us. Yes, not because everybody has it, it is because we are one and share this experience called life. Only the ego tries to seperate us, to devide us and to have control, either over another person or simply just the idea of control of oneself.

We invite you to allow yourself to become a nonjudgmental person. Where thoughts, words, actions are aligned with the inner and true purpose. You can condition and program yourself with just habits, patterns and geometry. Come and see a place, of where you write your (hi)story as detailed as possible and be in it. You live it, because you feel it and you think it, then you do it and you think again and so on. It never stops. Imagine you let go of what you think you are and find that is just imagination. What do I tell myself or me, who I am? Who you are, who we are?

This comes true or actually is true right now already. In every way it is. You are just in it, I am in it. We are all in it. So better to fill what is with something I like to feel, think, have or want, have to have or any other word what expresses the desired something. With happiness, its the same. When you are happy, you do happy things and create happy moments, attract happy people and so on. Even a simple reward for yourself for skipping distractions with thinking and acting towards your goals, makes even more happy. You haven’t conscious goals? You better set some SMART ones. Setting goals with a happy attitude is setting up the goals with happiness. That is funny, isn’t it? So when we look at a goal with happiness and fun or joy, it is more likely that we achieve the goal and get a result whats similar to that feeling, as we are already having that sweet emotion felt in us. As long as we are detached from the outcome, we keep ourselves motivated.

So, but what, when I am in a situation with little to no happiness at all? One chooses what one wants to feel, only if one knows what the natural emotion of compassion is. A lack of understanding how to use or even why to use compassion is the cause of most trouble in the world. Misunderstanding and unconsciousness. You don’t learn that in modern school for some reasons. We offer with University of Happy Life a solution for all problems in the world. Because all problems are created by the mind.

You decide whether you know or believe or not, no fight ever was began by sitting in front of each other meditating and forgetting mind games for at least a few seconds. All problems come out of an ego perspective, where one lives in a lack attitude, fearful and worthless or the opposite extrem with greed or anger. Mental depression for example is now a official desease, companies can make profit with it. Fighting depression creates drugs and even more depression. It is like a business model. Start to be happy and break the pattern by starting to be happy.

Happiness as the source?

Happiness is like a force that makes One young, strong and sexy. By doing with a happy attitude, the frequency around us will be shaped and formed with our deeper thoughts, led by happiness. Yes, you do happy things literally just because you set yourself a smile up in the face. And you give people the chance to smile back and feel similar then you. Attraction is happening like this. Chemical processes in the brain. So keep knowing on your internal drugs. Smiling into another person is a sweet gentle hit of hormones in our bodies and in the body of the other person, too. We draw energy from each other. Sometimes even more than that, as you can see on festivals or parties. Happiness interfere and grows, with every individual touch and twist for the same reason. Happiness is alive and gets visible through human bodies. Actually it is not something what we create, rather than it is already there and we use it to our benefit. Compassion helps us realize all emotions and feelings. Happiness is universal as you can see. The mind is analyzing all the signs and interpreting them as an expression of happiness. Do you know then immediately why someone is happy? No. But one can find out, if spread, shared or just expressed well and naturally.

Why hiding happiness destroys you?

The reason is very simple. You are the reason. Take back the power. If you blame others, you give them the power. If you blame yourself in a playful manner you can make playfully progress. Some just make progress complaining. STOP! Make a change, start complain in a funny way!

You can learn from every breath you take. Allow yourself to understand, you are the source. Start, be responsible for all your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Be not just active, be proactive. Start to lead. If you always do what others want you to do, even if you like their idea and story, you live the dream of someone else and if you don’t realize it, the ego get frustrated. Consciously choose for a project, what you are passionate about or want to support someone who is passionate about. Support University of Happy Life and make a huge impact.

Why happiness is important?

With happiness we are shifting vibration and hormones in the body. This is crucial to health. It only works well, when you can naturally release all stress or stressful thoughts or actions. So when you are not conscious about your feelings, the mind somehow doesn’t allow you to express yourself in a natural way. Even when in a social environment you will be more withdrawn and introverted and stifled, awkward and just creepy when lacking happiness. Solution is here. Many people see the world out of an lack consciousness, shaped by the minds ego. Not enough from all. All limited, no abundance. But look closer. Every person, every mind can always be changed.

How ist that possible?

The thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, actions, skills, … can be altered by just developing a happy and fun story what relates to the “original” past story. Now we fill it with happiness and abundance. Over many repetitions, suddenly history changes credibly and immediately a new present is born and a great future just arise. Past, present, future. It is all together, at the same time. Now. It just matters, what we think, feel and do about it. It is more that we create time every moment we think of something. Either we think it is in the past, we create time there or we think it is in the future, we create time then. Actually it is always now!


I and my friends ended up reading the excellent tips and tricks located on your web site then immediately I got a horrible feeling I never expressed respect to the site owner for those tips. The young boys came certainly very interested to read them and already have really been having fun with these things. Many thanks for genuinely considerably helpful as well as for having these kinds of important themes millions of individuals are really eager to be informed on. Our own sincere regret for not expressing gratitude to you earlier.

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