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Life Struggle, Money and Transformation

Life Struggle, Money and Transformation

Why I and so many other people struggle with Life, Money and what holds them back to transform.

Since I was born, I grow in the believe of my parents, teachers, friends and media. All I see is that everything is limited and nothing is forever. Is this really my idea of life or was it just someone repeating it on me over and over again? Beside my education and my experience like experiences I have made in the past, I now know, that this was not my experience and still it is not.

I might perceive it as it is, but actually the loop is the experience of someone else who projected their ideas and stories about life onto me and I am just following that lead unknowingly. All I have done in my past was not an act of my personal willing, rather than by what people wanted me to do. Even if I liked it sometimes, it was never truly my own action, my own thoughts, my own feelings.

I see it in the world, how it is all changing even without me doing anything. All comes down to 3 major rules that helps me gain perspective and break free from habits, that were installed as I was a child and I grew into that habits, unconsciously. The 3 rules are: Question everything, get inspired, take action!

Today the past manifests in different areas of good or bad. I struggle with money, I struggle with girls, I struggle here and there and I am giving up over and over again. Pushing myself was ever since a no go. I like to start projects, but never finish them. I always do them halfhearted and only for maybe 1-2 days and then I lose focus, attention and motivation, to make it happen at all.

But do I really need to do it?

Well, I guess not, because that struggles arent mine. These struggles are projected on me to solve them for someone else. I am pleased to realize, that I spot this greatest lie ever. It is just my past self that needs to be broken, not the future one. If I break my patterns in the past, they reach out into the now and the future, as this is interconnected and happening at the same time. So, if I want to become financially indepent and wealthy, I need to dive into my past story and shape it from there since the very beginning.

As I have not so much personal memory of my past story, just some experienced memories with peak emotions, all I got is a story other people tell me, like my parents or friends from then. But, is that real? Well, no. It is very unreal and only seems to be true, as many stories overlapping. But, it is still a story in the now. To transform now, I will have to accept, that life is not happening without me telling a story about it. If I stop thinking, the world is still happening, after the ideas of anybody else. Where I want to take part of? What do I want to change? Who do I want to become?

Is there something like a difference?

Or is it the transition itself from one into another one and I was never a past, nor a future. I am Now and ever was! And in this now, there is the power of the past and the future. Both working simultaneously together against or for me, only depending on how I’m gonna use the abundance of information.

The following story is where I was born and where I live in. I find myself distracted by the work, that I have to make to get a standard living. I have to pay rent, a car, insurance, mobile phone, food, drinks, … I tell myself the story I have to, because people around me are doing the same. Compared to some, they do it more luxury, while others sleep on the streets, including me. Some might wonder, how that is even possible and some might fear to end up the same. Is all of that real? Is all of that necessary?

Well, you get taught it is and that you need to work and live somehow to an idea of that kind of reality or you are worth nothing, bagging down the ground. We are somehow born in that system that tells you to go to work and earn money for NO LOGIC REASON, than the story they tell you and you follow through. But to be fair, some stories are really cool and seeing it, might motivate us to do the same and still, never being really fulfilled, because that goals are not your own!

Who projected the idea on you?

Which life are you living? The truth is, it is their goals, it is helping them. Even if you think, you have a decent job with good income and people like you for that. They don’t. They try to like themselves even more, but all are struggeling more or less. No matter how much money you have or anything else, the way we live is STRUGGLE. The idea is to struggle and to benefit from the struggle of other people.

We get squeezed out like a lemon and they prepare a great nice cocktail and sell your own juice back to you and let is look like a present for a discount price. Well, if you accept it. If you allow that scam to replace your heart. I do not accept it! But that is why it is holding me back from reaching my financial wealth. I think in my world, I do not need money and I think I come to a point, where I realize that more and more. Money is for loosers.

You only need money, if you think you need and you become a slave. I think, all life is free and has to be treated like it is. If we make information only accessible by allowing it to charge a price, this information doesn’t get more valuable, just because it costs a million. No, the information is the value itself and this information is free, regardless of who developed it and how much they charge. The information is still the same.

What I need, is a project that I can work out in a short time frame!

That is the only way to keep me engaged lon enough for some money making ideas. I was writing for days on one project to find myself, again, procrastinating and pushing the project away. Now, I lost all those countless hours, because I did not finish the project. I thought so, until now. Because where I stopped, is the finish line. I even exceeded the goal already.

But I do not see it, as I did not set any dead line or measurable indicator of when a project is ready and thus I do not know, that I already achieved it. If I say, the project is done, it is. If I say, there is still plenty of things to do, then this becomes the truth. It is with all knowledge, development. What is finish today, is outdated tomorrow. But tomorrow is the future now, so no project ever can be purely finish, it just appears to be.

That said, I have some very interesting tasks and habits to perform daily to make my life awesome. Even, without money. Because the true strenght and power comes from within and synchronizes the reality with my inner perspectives and attitudes. So from all the information I receive I pick up the facts that suit my interests and I take action.

  1.  I restrict myself from short term satisfaction
  2.  I restrict myself from procrastinating
  3.  I restrict myself from just thinking without action
  4.  I restrict myself from porn and masturbation
  5.  I restrict myself from external approval and validation
  6.  I restrict myself from anything unproductive

Anything I am able to do, is nothing in compare to what we all could achieve in our lives, when we work together and when we are able to enjoy life as it is, without the need to make Millions no matter what.

Carry on, and have fun with what you have. Restrict yourself from all things, that hold you back reaching your true potential.


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