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I am just a BIG LOSER!

I am just a BIG LOSER!

I am just a big loser.

I can not do anything.

I am super lazy.

I procrastinate.

I fail miserably in all possible ways.

I find always the right excuses.

I am a big piece of shit.

I’m hopeless.

I am fearfully.

I doubt myself and everything.

I’m worthless.

I am helpless.

Nobody likes me.

Nobody wants to be with me.

Nobody gives a damn fuck about me.

All and everything is against me.

My life just sucks.




So I take action when it occurs to be made and my life just becomes more and more colorful with every breath I take and with every step I make, it becomes more beautiful and adjusting automatically and naturally towards my true desire. I become more and More powerful than before, by just following my heart and intuition. I feel even more and more good vibrations that leads me to lead me more outgoing. I allow the higher energy to come through my soul and dissolve my ego into a variety of personal freedom and detachment. I become centered and grounded with a sense of total clarity.

I am a role model to all people around me because I soak up all the vibrations and just allow myself to float inside this bubble and simultaneously lead this bubble effortlessly towards my full potential being grown constantly with all this new experiences.

I just do it for my reasons.

I am just an abundance of persons inside of a body, that is connected to the outside world of which it just creates and influences. I am the captain of my ship and I sail it to the most beautiful harbors after the heaviest storms, that may come. But they don’t, only joyful paths are in front of my imagination that motivates me.

The vibrations from which I see the world to learn have to be altered after and shaped by conscious mind. I have access to the most pleasurable feelings and I know how to express them in a non judgmental threadless way that communicates pure joy, happiness and love with every action.

Why I love this state of mind so much?

  • I just explain how I feel right now, to adapt it later into my sober reality frame to transcend into a higher frequency.
  • I am the caretaker and caregiver. I put people under my spell.
  • I change the wavelength. My eyes are tools to create and I am rising to the top.
  • reality is liquid, all is fluid


Let me explain. One day there was a small monkey coming out of the jungle and hit the society. Movies shows it.

I am this monkey. I know all the things that going on around everything, because life is just a matter of vibration of one individual. So if I just could change myself, I change all.

Listen carefully.

The monkey grows. the monkey learns. the monkey does. The monkey takes action. Monkey mind is easy. It wants to survive. Not only survive, it wants a quality life to live in. The monkey wants to be the best monkey of the jungle. But not by competition. The monkey wants to feel good. The monkey wants joy, love, happiness. The monkey wants to share all what he wants. All the good things the monkey wants to give before he even has it. The monkey is intelligent. All what the monkey wants is to create and give what it just creates. So the monkey is full of energy and spread the belief to other monkeys no matter where and how.  

Some monkeys listen, some laugh, some turn around, some get aggressive, and some monkeys care. Some monkeys stand up and embrace.

The monkey knows what is good and it persists. The monkey focuses on the monkeys that praise and care. that is the monkeys nature. the monkey learns and grows naturally by looking for other monkeys and taking care.

This monkey is not driven by financial profits. This monkey does not need to charge money for something that belongs anyway to all monkeys.

One day, you realize, you are nothing more than a monkey in the jungle. But you can choose what monkey you are, in which jungle and with which monkeys you really want to be. 

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