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The right questions lead to the desired answer!

The right questions lead to the desired answer!

Make it a habit to ask questions more frequently. Start to ask questions anyway. Even if they are uncomfortable. Ask them out loud, even to yourself or to others.

I can tell this from me. The biggest improvement I have shown with my success rate in having girls come to my house to hangout with me. Even if I thought it would be the right time or what, I started to ask this questions very random, but just followed my intentions, when it felt right. Even if it felt wrong first, I ask it. What in the worst case can ever happen?

Hehe, and the more I ask, the more I got a feeling to it, TO SET MYSELF UP, I switch completely to that feeling and emotion of my desired outcome. I know in all situations I come up with an improved vision of our reality. So I started to shape that idea of me rather than being distracted by others ideas about me. Haha, you hear I am laughing so much because now I see all that crap conditioning and how it got a part of me. The attachment with the past and holding on to an idea can take life away. We call that a hearts breaks. But does it really break? Or the ego gonna loses something of its attachments. Can you really possess any material stuff? No. Even a contract cannot be possessed. It is just the idea about it to be so. Detach from what you have experienced in your whole life, as this is just a conditioned pattern since birth, and the birth of your parents, and their parents, …

Where do we come from? Why are we here? Is that reality really the one you have to live? Ahhhhhhhhhh Okay, sometimes I freak out a bit. But this tiny spike makes me want ask more questions. Why ask questions? To receive the answer. The answer can be the solution to your problem. Ask the right question and you allow yourself to open up to get the answer. But to be honest, the answer is already there. The problem just hides the answer. Solve the problem, get the solution. Ask and answer the question with a new born idea of your identity!

In that case, when this reality is just a repetition of ideas we express, and we know this consciously, isn’t it then stupid or even false, wrong, shit, terrible, horrible, … and so on to act on destructive ideas, with destructive intentions? No, it is not. Because it is possible, makes it real. We give it the meaning. And by giving it the destructive judgment, we choose to allow that in our life in that way. We only have that terrible things still in our lives, is because of the idea of attached profit and greed. It was created with the creation of money. Yes, it is. Tell me what you want, but knowing that as a company and letting it allowed because of man made rules is against the idea of justice, or not? Do not allow that for our reality. Start to choose for other ideas and reality concepts that allow us to grow natural in a positive direction.

I think it is good to when we have the choice of the choice and the direction of it, then why we do not start to give ourselves the value we want to offer the world? If I can give you value and say you are above me, I can give myself that value too. But I only can be above or below relative to it. That means in a competition of 10 people, they only can compete between those 10. Even if 1 would be better, that doesn’t matter on the scale of that competition. The truth is, the value goes to all and is not separated from each other. To give value is easy to achieve. As achieving only means to reach your goals, to get what you want. The value is just an illusion what drives us motivated and hungry. Where we do things with full attention, focus and the time just runs fast? That is relative experience of time and travel through the ideas in your mind when aligned with action. Simultaneously shaping and transforming until the outcome has become you and not opposite. Not you become something, but the thing you want to achieve becomes you. To make it clear with a common limiting misconception of growing and getting older. Not you really become older, but your idea of you gets old. Because you tell yourself you get old, you become that. But actually you are just now, not getting older, not younger. You just are. So why you tell you, you get old? That doesn’t make any sense, when you are free of thoughts. You would never start to think anything like that, don’t you?

And while I am writing this, the sun shines on my face and I can mirror myself in the screen, I feel totally happy and connected with silence where all that comes from. I do not produce that, it was always there already and the words just arrange by the influence of mind and conscious actions.

Next question. How to achieve goals? Good questions. With fun. If you do not have so much fun, you need self discipline and willpower. Both can be learned to master, but fun affords nothing of that. Fun is just there and motivates us without any other distraction than more fun. Fun means to have a higher goal than just doing. In soccer, for example, you do not just kick the ball. I guess nobody ever plays soccer for the fouls and injuries neither. Nobody of them would play then, with that in mind, right? Pro player instead open themselves for other ideas. And that is to become the best football player in the world. An attainable goal? Maybe. But what motivates us more? To think of injuries and to be totally exhausted and lose the game or playing for fun, because you like to play it, no matter what outcome may happen? Of course, you take the choice where you have fun and either win or not. Yes even if it is not always easy to just have fun, it also has a conscious influence to it, to use the fun to overcome the pressure and see the following stress as beneficial to succeed and win the f*ucking game. So stop believing that silly choices you have to make sometimes and imagine always a better choice with an outcome that’s aligned by your intentions. You can tune into that idea of growing and thriving naturally and consistently. You grow, the mind grows, the idea grows, but always in the direction where you take action on it and where you put mindfulness to it. So be aware.

Questions are powerful tools, if you feel good with that word tools. I can also say instrument, to put in another frequency. In both ways I communicate on a content level, but replaced hard words with no to negative vibe with soul and almost magical words. I still practice it.

You can allow yourself consciously to ask more questions. You can and you do it. Learn to implement the question: “What in the worst case ever could happen?” What comes up makes me laugh hilarious With conscious I mean to know what you do. What questions brings you further? Is a good questions actually, or not? What brings me to inviting girls home to feel

You see everywhere is questions. That wonder of word makes us unstoppable. We got told to not ask so much questions and why we ask so much questions and so on. Conditioning is everywhere. Making it conscious is first step, second is to detach. Get an idea of that. Even our language and words are limited in a crazy way, as we start to make more words around making money, then around being happy and joyful. A handful know that and shift their vocabulary, they learn words for yoga, meet other people around it, learn more words, make other decisions towards that new idea of your identity. It is that simple.

Because, we do pass information with our genes or with our consciousness? Maybe. What if we never pass information, because it is already there. It is just the idea, that we pass it. And that idea shapes us. In that case it also limits us dramatically. More important is the story you tell yourself over the idea of a course of years. So you grow up, but do you really grow? That was just nothing. When we see kids growing mentally and physically different. That can be because of the lack of information because someone doesn’t give you the access to it. And the access to the system it money. So if you even do not have access to money, then of course, you cannot be a part of the system. Here is the catch. The system doesn’t give a shit. It grows and expands into all directions. So someday you will be forced to give up your systemfree life and need to become part of the system, that you can still drink your water, because a company just did “buy” the water. And pay to whom? That is just insane behavior. Unfortunately the justice of the system is not the justice of humans. It is protecting the system of course. The idea of government is to keep the profit machine run. Total devastation.

Stop to believe that, is a good idea to believe. I know, the internet is also part of the system. Guess what, there is a more effective way to communicate than internet. Or it would be already. To be fair, I like that technology and how we can transform into all that cool variations.

Remember the kids growing different then you in school, yeah?  What was the difference? The story was the same, but only for a few hours a day, sometimes more. That is limited by the story that others telling how the reality is. The whole thing is liquid. Change the story change reality. That is why we have so movies with tarzan or mogli. Where young unconditioned kids do amazing things no one can believe possible. That is why stories have a ultra super power. The more we attach to this kind of stories, the more we understand what attachment really is. It is an instrument what you have to play to let the ego sleeping inside. Attachment has to be used willingly into all benefit. To ignite emotions or feelings and to increase them. Spike ’em up. Of course, only the good feelings, what makes us happy and even more fun. So you see, all is part of you and you are part of all. You deserve happiness, so start to feel it and be the source of it. Do not transform your life, transform your words and see how life just transformes itself. Effortless!

Chose a direction, ask the right questions and take the right choices. With that, you know that information doesn’t pass though genes, but by repetition and mind influence on each other. We are all repeating the same thing over and over again. Telling ourselves all the limiting theories and manifesting them as real because we believe so attached with it. It is amazing how we can store so much DNA in our bodies, but we are constantly allowing ourselves to listen to that junk-DNA theory what brings us further to consumption and industrial concepts and ideas. That you are worthless, stupid and getting older, getting sick, bla bla bla. STOP BELIEVING THAT CONDITIONED AUTOMATION PROCESS AND BREAK THROUGH the pattern as you realize it. It may make you feel totally overwhelmed suddenly, how a great awakening after a long dream.

Nowadays it is hard to find someone who really looks at you non judgmental and is not wanting any profit of you. Detach from money in all kinds. Money is not the foundation of all that, and that you need to buy it doesn’t mean it is. That just means to have access and the idea of experience of that attachment and possession. For example when you want a new car or something more and better to attach. It can make you frustrated or excited. Either you are excited to drive it, or frustrated because you cannot afford it. What do you think? is that all? There is more, yes. You are not just frustrated or excited. You also can be in mind already driving the car or looking for possibilities how to get the money for it. That can make it frustrated. The attachment to the need of money destroys even friendships. And to be fair. It is just the idea about friendship, as one may know from people who go money first. Unconscious attachment can lead to great suffering.

Imagine a world, where we are all just open and with nothing in mind then the situation ahead. Of course we all have our goals during the day, but does this lead to what? Fight or making the world better?More money? More girls? More writing? When I want to write, I would never talk to a girl. So I do not get girls with writing. I understand. So Do I make money with this blog post? No, it is a blog post. I get money because I market it. This means, everything is free, but we make a story around it, that we have to pay for it. This story sits so deeply, as the repetition makes it so sticky. The ego idea you got told, makes it hard to detach.

Learn some ways to get you in the flow instantly (almost). That means you create a certain kind of frame what makes you feel good, right, focused or angry, depressed and hateful. Or better to know the frame of happiness and love and compassion. Ask questions why you think you cannot be, have or feel something and identify that story to make it conscious. Then transform the words into a story that just blows you away. A story of your greater future self arises from just what was pushing you down. It takes some practice to master, but with constant training these skills are automatic soon. But to be honest, that is just the surface. We can go deep below and that future we create now, will never be the same. Then, when the understanding and the motivation to achieve that idea let us take action no matter what, we ignite a fire of transformation. That fire doesn’t burn things down, with our intentions it can light things up. Because the fire is just nothing but fire without conscious influence. It burns down everything, just non judgmental. The fire is the flow. It just burns. I doesn’t make extinctions. With conscious influence we can control this magical force. We can spread it or suppress it, but it will always be there ready for our use.

Break down habit into detailed subjects. What believes are very told and what have you learned in that frame of that idea. We develop inside a pattern and that is constantly holding us back from what we really desire. The true spirit shows. Just take action!

I actually wanted to work out a detailed plan for the upcoming week, but then I stuck again into writing. So I do start to make it now, off the schedule of reading, I create instead and produce. That is for example a very effective way to procrastinate with different projects and ideas. It can be so awesome to just switch between amazing personal targets while I need a break from it.

Enjoy that amazing new blog insights and let me know your thoughts.

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