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What is success and why it is NOT important?

What is success and why it is NOT important?

I talk so many times about success and the more I do, the more I change the meaning of it. Suddenly it is there already. Effortlessly to maintain and very constantly giving me the results I attach myself to. That meaning is shaping the idea of success. Long term success is something like a limitation. Why you have to invest much time and work and effort to achieve success? Because you get raised with that identification of lack and hardworking to accomplish the desired outcome, what is then just attached to the idea of it. So many people just do not want to be successful as it seems to be quiet hard and unattainable. It appears to be out of reach and from this particular point of view oftentimes just not possible.

The truth is, this is the limitation. Success cannot be achieved, as it is already. Basically we tune into that special frequency and make it count with our intentions. When your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with a setup you did create and you keep that frame running and you accept that new version of yourself, success is finally visible.

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