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How I use this blog and why I do so?

How I use this blog and why I do so?

Hey yeah, it is a good day. Today I just started to realize how need to use this blog properly. As this is not really made for profit, but just for small amounts, that most of the people have access to it. If you know someone who cannot effort this, share your purchased version with that person. I want all of you to know this. What I do you your friend then comes multiple times back to me on even multiple ways. You know why? Because this is part of my daily frame. This frame is there already. You can feel it too. Of course my future self realization will live like a billionaire but not lacking to give beside all this money, the homeless people a shelter. Why they steal the money from them, because of greed systems, that allow all this mind f*ck with you. The hunger is caused by profit greed. No access to money, no food. That’s it. They rather throw it away or feed it back to pigs! Pigs are higher value than some people on that planet, because the pig you can eat. And they die! I do not say wake up, but this awakening can be a drastic shift in your perception and understanding of consciousness.

You see all these destructive patterns and just want to break through. No war, no hunger, no fear, no pressure, no drama, no depression, no cancer … such horrible actions, are man made. With your conscious thoughts about it and about the past story you are attached with, then your future actions will most likely be similar. Time doesn’t exist, so just change the action you do right now, based on the intentions you create for yourself. And that please please please, create it non-judgmental and abundantly, humorous and funny, joyful and teasingly, motivating, uplifting, familiar, related, … Choose which words sound better for you. SOUND. That is important. What you listen to, shapes you even with more influence then just reading it.

Look, the negative things comes from repetition too. And you get thaught them already with your birth. Born in the system, the start is the first connection and conditioning to go to the hospital. That is ultra-level programming. The worst is war. So many people die, because of killing each other for just a fucking story that has no power then what we give to it. See, if you mean to obey because of authority or something. Choose. What in the worst case can happen? But here is the catch, in the millitary, you become a obey master and do everything because there may be some hard punnishments. HOW IN THE HECK CAN THAT BE LEGAL??? And you get into prison because of having cannabis in your pocket! BÄÄÄÄÄM, they got you on your balls or nipples. I am not philosophizing. Your mind is suppressing you. I do not say someone owns all that like people think there is “the elite” that controlls all. Maybe, yeah. I mean, okay why not. But that is just a story again what we tell ourselves. That drives us further into investigation and always will something be found. But what is it worth? Nothing than what you do about it. Researching a ghost or a true samarita? What is the truth? The truth is what you choose for. If you think thats true, then this is true. Even if it is not true, it becomes true. The body follows the mind. Detach from your past identification of yourself and dive into a very very deep new world. New words and new meaning. New uplifting challenges for natural stimulus. This quick and hard push and step back to recover, realize and growth for further expansion.

Without action this beautiful theory of your future self will be just a story and drag even more down. Because this idea never can out, still no attainable because of the attachment to your past self. Bruce Lee said once something like: empty the cup of your knowledge to put some other knowledge inside. He actually meant the frames we are living in. And this frame is the story we never ask questions about it. Why you setup your alarm again? For personal and social development or for work to pay rent and so on? That is a frame. This frame can be frustrating or this frame can be exciting. It is just for what you open your eyes to. Shape this frame consciously.

And now I tell you, that this is all a lie. The universe doesn’t exist and you only live once and we are just here to do our job. Do you think that makes sense? If yes, then I cannot help you! Or yes, actually I can. Because that is the necessary first and second and third step all together. It is thinking, vibrating and action is aligned with each other. The mind is in the now or somehow scheduled around it, to switch from activity to activity with ease. No nonsense in the mind, only ideas about the now and the future self.  Using the past story as a motivation and shaping this by logging the process. So you always can look back on what you really are. Defined by your actions that get you either failure, that means learning to adjust. Then finally the results are shown by tiny signals. Take action here immediately. When the mind is aligned, no fear of failure can pop up. The program of your matrix just falls into places. The rewards for you is always helping you further. This builds momentum where you just flow. Because flow is more important then capacity. I was working 12 hours a day, as I wanted to be super productive. But I was just super exhausted and dead. Same sometimes? Reduce the capacity to about 60%, but measure it. In the long run you become more relaxed and still more productive and you achieve more of what you want even sooner.

It is a big misunderstanding of how life “works” of the system. Normally a system should work FOR us and not AGAINST us. Unfortunately we are kind of born into that money driven society that think, that all that is possible because of the money. NO IT IS NOT. It is because of you and me. Because everybody worked for this. Everybody of us has build something in the past. Who got the most money? You or someone else who was not working? I bet your boss got more from that. Driving a cool car on your costs. Even if you agree by contract with that salery, you know you are worth more than that. Not as value for money, but as a energy form. That can be changed, YEAH!

All is there already. We just tune in with our intentions. So basically when we just focus on the now, after we created a frame of thoughts in us, we just need to picture ourselves in that frame and act like its true. No strings attached.

To practice this frame has to feel right, so we have to transform it with our desires and hopes and faith or how you want to call it. Pick the word with most positive emotions in it. Is that really what you want to feel the whole time? Happy and lucky or loved? That is shit, I know… Haha, know what you want and then just offer it by you and receive it from everywhere if you like to say it like this. That only works when non-judgmental in a clear frame of what your outcome you want to have. Yes, you set the goal and the boundaries around it. You can make it hard or easy. You set the idea of time and how long it takes. Still, when you have it, it will be now anyway. So practice that feeling in the now and not in the idea of the future. The future doesn’t exist. The future is the story you have to life today and then you can somehow embrace it in just a few seconds. And when you practice this feeling already, you can start to go out and practice these skills socially. How you act different? Don’t mind. Just carry on to get what you want. Until the “one day” where you have repeated it and mastered it. So you do not think about it any more, but you realize what you have done to achieve it. This you gonna share and that makes the world a better place. Or lets say. The world is good. We just do not know anymore who to make it good for all.

This is the real you! Do not belief what they told you “yesterday”. That day doesn’t exist. It is used by your mind to make time relative measurable. To understand what was happening and how you felt. The mind is a mega living technology created by something indescribale. The more you realize the now and how the thoughts about the past or the future distract you and influences you, the more you become aware of that and start to look in a non-judgmental way. Detached from all that. It can be a long run to let go of ego. Or let’s say from the idea of the ego, what it is and what it does. Detach from that idea. You are free to attach with everything you want and you can detach from everything that holds you back to let go. To let go you need nothing but your imagination of how it would be without. And that can be the reality you can be living already in since birth. Even if it would look differently, but the feelings and emotion didn’t change. They are already too. So that it the true things we need to focus on. Do not think in terms of what you want, think in terms of feelings to vibrate with that gets us in the direction of it. It is good to have 100 years ahead planning, but what counts is the speck shortly after the now. That means the now is like a black hole what sucks in your experience and make who we are. It is a shared experience. But different level of understanding. How you know on how good you vibrate you can literally see when you open your eyes. That is your frequency. And you will see people around you, that are somehow similar, right? Some drag you down, some lift you up. Where you want to be? I bet with the people who cheer on you. What is with the people that limit you. Maybe you keep them still in your frame, because of some thoughts and feelings attached. Just embrace it and use it to keep the right friends closer and to give yourself a boost in social confidence. You now no longer are dependent on the approval or validation from others. You validate yourself for taking action towards your goals. That means saying no a few times more than regular. Until the point where you really wake up every day to build up the dream you setup yesterday before sleep. That story has to be diamond sparkling and it has to be the same but everyday some little things changed. That is why logging is necessary.

As you can see I am very unstructured in my mind. I just write down, how it comes from up there. I should look all this text back to give it a sense or what? I could, but then I allow myself to make even more mess as I will add more to it. I guess I will just make quick Notes and this is enough over the long run. I start to see writing as an instrument. I do now play it to make money. I play it to make myself a better version by seeing whats inside of me. So you see it comes back again to fun and joy. That is the higher driving force that keeps us motivated. What keeps us alive is another force. Doesn’t matter what it is. Important is that we influence it, since we open our eyes. We are the theater and the role models. The movie industry just found out, how to make money with that. All what you see is possible for FREE, the system just makes you believe you need money for it. If you like reading this. All what money makes is solving your problems, where you are too lazy to solve, but willing to pay money for it. Life is free. Why still believing in the system of everything has to be paid multiple times to someone, who just cares about money. Money was a good thing long times ago. Where people knew how to use it correctly. Now, we just have debts that doesn’t matter, except the story they tell about it. The bubble doesn’t explode. The bubble is not even there!!! Doesn’t exist. Imagine from now on. Everything is free. Nobody gets income, no profit, no interests, no nothing. But on the other hand, nothing costs money, no charges, no interests, no no no. All is shared around the globe. Everything is existing already. But it doesn’t exist because of money, it really was you creating it.

Imagine this world where everybody is mentally equal. We do not make this distinction between poor and rich attached to money anymore. That is past vocabulary. What do you think, it is time to do it. Humans are same! Maybe with some varieties in form, color and smell but hey. Why making it horrible for all uf us, by telling a shit story that make you feel angry, hateful or regretful. Detach. Attache to another story that could be happening instead where you laugh, because the actions you took before have led you already into a complete different reality. From there you cannot allow yourself to see your past in a negative way. We are sometimes just to stupid to let go of attachment. We are easy in picking ideas up, thoughless and obey to it with less then a second. But in envisioning our dreams and attainable future we are lacking that same ability to attach that. Why? Because of conditioning. We are mostly trained to frame us in a lack reality. Our awareness just recognizes the very conditioned signals.

That was short? Amazing. 2400 words. Let me know your thoughts. Finally I allow you to allow yourself to make more conscious in your life and ask the why. If the why makes you feel negative, detach and embrace a better version of your identification of yourself and others.

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