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How to become a Master of Excuses

How to become a Master of Excuses

Yes, totally amazing. Become a Master of Excuses. Before you wonder, why you should become a master of Excuses, I tell you right now, why I mean what I write.

Normally people start to eliminate such words from the internal vocabulary and some are not even conscious about that. I make fun with it and I say to you: “Do the same!”

To Master an excuse it efforts some willpower and dedication to it. Once you reach out to the full potential of an excuse, you will see how the reality will bend by your excuse intentions.

The excuse is a fictional story about something what may or may not happen. But this story sometimes is incongruent with what one really wants to achieve. Most of the time excuses are holding us back from getting what we truly desire. So to master an excuse, we first need to look at it. Where does it come from, what does it want and how the f*ck can we transform the excuse to the source of motivation?

People judge an excuse as bad. That is the main reason why they struggle. From today on an excuse is no longer an enemy, it is our cooperation partner for success! What did I just write? Yes, make friends with your personal excuses. Nobody else can understand why they pop up and what they gonna teach you. You are the only one in your reality who can either give up with the excuse or just master the excuse to your benefit.

The story will sound like: “I CANNOT DO IT, BECAUSE…” Basically this is the most common excuse we are facing down on earth. Don’t you?

What you tell yourself here is an idea of staying in the same comfort zone, not taking action, no failure, no stress. Just regular what you have already. No pain and no growth. But, satisfaction with being average… If you have at least ONE TIME in your life, where you were about to dream of something, what you do not have right now, you have been excusing to stay in your reality where you are right now. Consider your ego (the minds identification of who you are) doesn’t like change to much. It doesn’t like the idea of losing something, even if you exchange it with massive growth. Become conscious about excuses and start taking action!

Making a joke about it can be the first warmth reception when an excuse comes to your mind. What did I just think? I cannot do it, because of what? Hahaaaa, how ridiculous is that? Some automation process (habit) just blocked my future success. Haha, stop here. Master the excuse. You do not need to find out, why, where, how and what causes the excuse. It comes up anyway!!! Multiple times daily. The more you are prepared, the more conscious you become. But forget about getting rid of excuses all the time. They exist even longer then you are. Probably an excuse was the matter, why you didn’t get born a few years earlier. “We cannot make children now, because …” What happens here is the mind is looking for ideas, that prove the excuse right. And guess what, IT IS ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL.

To be honest, really honest. BREAK THE CIRCLE HERE.


Create excuses on purpose. Start to create an excuse to not read further here. No, I cannot read further, because… BAAAM. This creates your reality. As you want to read further, you start to prove this excuse wrong. Why I cannot read further?

Because the excuse is a powerful and strong connection between the inside and the outside world, many people FAIL in mastering the excuse, because they want to eliminate it. But true masters transform the excuse and use it to achieve what the excuse is trying to hide from you. The solution!

To master excuses you will see, that the better the excuse sounds, the better it feels right for you. Even after a few days of massive excusing on some projects, the excuse story gets more vivid, more excited and more colorful. The excuses are growing like a fire and spreading into other areas of your life. Suddenly the mind influences the excuse automatically and makes all excuses feel more secure and safe to speak. People will just look at you and think: “WOW, what I cool story. I understand why you cannot do it.” So you feel even more confident, or not? STOP HERE.

Welcome the excuse with: HI, EXCUSE! I did see you coming already my dear friend. I know you are there already and I know, many people were playing with you in the past. Sorry bro, but this is my game. And I use you to benefit my goals. So tell me what I can’t and I show you that you are lying to me, because you do not have all the information I find out now because of your help.

But, how you can make your brain search for the information you need and transform the excuse to the solution?


  • The excuse is a helpful tool to identify what is really desired. ALL THE TIME an excuse pops up means that you are about to achieve that what chills behind the excuse.
  • Create excuses consciously and see how amazing they are in showing you the exact solution.
  • Excuses will now be friends you have at your side the whole time. They help you become a master of excuses and they help you reaching your full potential.

If you like what you read, let me know your thoughts.


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