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Why some people just stuck in the financial career?

Why some people just stuck in the financial career?

I did write to myself down: Find something to write about daily.

And suddenly all this appears in front of me and I just write. Sometimes I like to talk, so I put it into the podcast. Very simple, but effective.

What does this have to do with financial career?

The transformed master plan of banks, companies and government is to make profit. No matter what. How does this help you? Probably not so much, right? So, why is it then, that some people are making Millions and Billions, while others starve to death? It has to do with the access to money and the necessary actions to attach it in your mind and reality.

For beginners it is hard to understand, that it is actually quiet easy to make money. So many do it, almost everybody on the planet makes money with working, selling or investing. Even the money makes money, what is by far the most weird idea of all time. A big loop, what causes major problems with and about money.

To start making money is to get the ideas what get’s us there. Best to make money is to get in touch with money people. Not the people who kill for money, like the government is doing it, but for people who really offer a high value information. We are living in the information age, we are connected with the whole world, almost and through problem solving, the “I make money with helping people” becomes more and more interesting and famous.

If you surround yourself to that particular kind of people and mentors, we not only learn how to make good money, we also learn how money works for us. But by just surrounding myself with this people, doesn’t change anything so far unless I take action on the gathered information. When I am reading books from rich people, it makes me soak up all the frequencies between the words and I tend to be awesome within minutes in this money game. I feel sometimes, that something is just blocking me from being financially richer. Some old conditioned patterns are holding me back. Everything is already there, somehow I just do not know the things to get it. I just do not have the knowledge yet, to become not even just financially free, but also to achieve it, by not working all the day. That means, I get in the same loop. Not becoming richer in a way to consume more and more, and buy better cars or what else, but really growing something for a better future. No talks about profit-no-matter-what, I speak of what really matters. To make good things with money. Spending it is just one way! Spending it for satisfaction is possible in various ways, but is that really about making good things with money? I suggest to invest money in your education. Choose the things you want to learn and spend money there. When you invest back in yourself, the money is still always there for you.

What do I mean by that? It’s attitude and being support and help for you to do the same to others. Unfortunately it is not easy to find the right way quick, as we can make profit with desease, war and death even faster and with more profit. The thing here is that you cannot quiet become this kind of money maker. This concept is only for advanced systems available. If you do kill thousands of people, you will be dead very quickly. But when government is doing it, they get a peace novel price. You see how crazy that is and we look at it everyday in TV. If you are still looking… You participation creates it. Leave it and it will stop soon. This is quiet bizarre isn’t it? More then this. Due to profits, we need to produce more than we actually need. Just to make profit.

Most important is, we need to educate on this problems, because the solution is already there. You just cannot see it, because you get blinded by the Information and what you make with this information.

My goal with this blog today is to teach a point of view, where we achieve balance between money and life. Money without greed can be used for soooooo many good things. So, money education is key for financial health. Either you have already money or you want to make money.

It’s necessary to avoid the total fallout, because when nobody goes to work anymore, who is earning all the money? When everybody is doing online business, the money becomes really abstract and not as powerful as it was. The real working society gets less and less. Who gives value to the money? YES, the real workers who earn it and spend it. Because the money bubble becomes just bigger but thinner until it pops and the system crashes again. Unless we change something of course! Just imagine everybody wants to withdraw all their money from the account. Do you think that works? Then they realize suddenly, that no money is there. No bank ever has the money, they put you on the bank account. It is just a numbers game. Profit’s do not really exist. Don’t you ask why the central banks prints more and more money all the years? And yet, the next step is to get rid of cash in any way? All digital money. Is that really existing? NO, just a minds idea.

What to do with money and what not? Why is the government spending money on war? Look more closely. Actually, you are spending your hard earned money back to the government and they are spending it on something, what never ever somebody wants to have, nor wants to be involved in. So, basically who has the power over the war? You have it! You are the power in any way. Without you, the government would be nothing but an empty concept. Realize your power where to spend your money. This is the creation you want to have in your reality.

I think the major problem is the attachment of an identification of who you are. That causes huge suffering, lack feelings and ego consciousness. Detach. As your idea of you will never be understand outside of you, even if you share a few stories. It will always be a judgement of the opposite person and their understanding of reality. So everybody is judging out of their own past experience of the now, the past and future. For me the past and future is just a story we tell ourselves realistically. Even if it might be really true what we have experienced, but still we can change it, and we can take action to create a new and better experience from there.

So we do as babies in beginning to walk. Our intention is clear and if we fall down on the knees, we go up. ATTENTION. We only get up, when we get lift up emotionally to try again. Imagine your parents would always come to you, when you fall and help you up? They make you feel anxious and blow over your wounds. Tell you don’t cry and bla bla bla. Does that make you stronger or even more sensitive? You get it. You don’t get the right force to learn more quickly. Most parents are limiting you to a dramatic life. Parents can be so terrible soft to a kid, that it never get’s really strong mentally and physically.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, failure, go through pain and suffering to become a better you by just improving the tasks you miserably failed. In fitness it is to push beyond the limit. To grow means to stress and go through at least some pain. I see it with my cat, how playful she is all the time, hurting herself and no signal of pain. Conditioned to be strong and fearless. Born to just take action.

The bottom line to this is simple. I want you to understand that thoughtless profit cannot be good to the world. Money in the one side is a fun thing, when you know how to spell it and use it properly for your development. Unfortunately money has become the number one resource people are looking for since conscious thinking. Kids doesn’t want to become a firefighter, doctor or artist, they are already doomed to want to become a millionaire. Get me right here. It is okay to aim for being a millionaire but that has nothing to do with kids growing up in a fucked up society of a bunch of people making thoughtless profits. Always more and more, never getting enough.

What is my place in that? Do I want to be financially free no matter what or do I just want to make enough money to live my desired standard and shape it from there to create a future for me and my family? And is that standard changing over the years and how does this effect me, the more money I make? In my mind I am already rich, not because of the money I make, but with the attitude to do so. How I treat people says a lot about me. I always remember my goals. Without that driving force and motivation I am not able to put more money on the bank account. So the meaning is more important to me, then the profit I can probably make. I know, that some people are just looking for good opportunities to make money, no matter what happens. That causes major suffering in the long run, for all parties contributing. Look for a meaning and the money just comes with the actions you take towards that achievement.

You choose here. Either you take the opportunity to grow rich in a money driven industry with something you really love or you die trying pleasing others who are just squeezing you out of a destructive belief.

Let me know your thoughts on that. Like and share, comment for more.

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