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The Pathway of Getting to the Next Step

The Pathway of Getting to the Next Step

If you build a house, you start with the idea, then comes the fundamental basement and from there you put all on top, until you have the final house. You cannot skip the idea, neither the basement. Can you skip a floor? Probably not. All comes from planning the work, and working the plan.

Hi folks, interesting story to tell today. As I know from my experience it can be quiet hard to get something you’ve never had without taking the actions you’ve never done. As a child I wanted to be an adult. As I came to school, I wanted to graduate already. In my mind I was already in the future. All I wanted was to be there so hard, that I continuously didn’t realize the pure awesomeness of the moment. This moment is the true source that creates all possibilities. So if I break the pathway of getting to the next step, because I want it so badly, I never gonna get there actually. It will be always just a story in my mind. But I want to manifest it in my reality. So what to do?

The incredible power of all things lies between the vision and the action. Both needs to be calibrate in order to have the success. What I learned so far is simply, that to get to the next step, you need to achieve all the other steps before. It is an endless cycle of actions and decisions. But, you need to start somewhere. Without the prior step necessary, it is just not possible to get to the next step. I was struggeling with this a lot, as I read and read and read and had all this information soaked up in my mind, but didn’t developed it at the same time. So what I just was believing was the idea of being that fancy young rich person, who can buy all crazy shit. Just to realize, that I don’t want that actually. So I never did take the step to actually experience the reality of a motherfucking rich dude.

If you want to have 1 Million on your bank account, you first need a bank account, then you need to fill it with money. First 1.000, then 2.000 and so on. If you try to start with 1 Million it can be frustrating and seems to be unattainable. But all the great people who made already a fortune of money in their life knows it better.

Start where you are and greatness comes. Follow the path of success and just copy it for your personal development.

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