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Why it is important to choose character over reputation?

Why it is important to choose character over reputation?

“Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

-John Wooden

Imagine just for a second, that all you do, all actions you take and all opportunities you create are shaping your character and influencing your reputation. To have a good reputation, it is important to have a good character first. Because from there the magic gonna happen. Even if people start to judge you negative and the reputation may drop, this has nothing to say something about who you are, it is just a reflection of your followers thoughts.

So allow yourself today to just pause and take 5 minutes of your time to read further.

Reputation can be used as a good thing, but mostly nobody really knows how to deal with it. As reputation can be judged as good or bad, people might fall into the trap of the need to approve by others. Compliance and validation seeking makes it difficult to truly find out the driving motivation by heart. To much conditioning is blurring reality. If you always listen to what others think about you, you never will get the fundamental picture of reality. If you are attached, it is your reality. If I am attached, it is my reality. In any case, it is not even our reality. It is not even a reality. It is the idea of it. And reputation can be used for good, too. But in any case, reputation is still the main reason, why people fail and struggle. That is just not a true reflection.

Character on the other hand means to have a identification of a setup or frame, in where you live in. That character, person or ego is it, what makes the difference. How is that character speaking, moving, talking, laughing, behaving and so on? That makes it cristal clear what you want and then the reality begins to change towards the manifestation of that identification. Still, that words are related to the same source of everything. Just the meaning gives more power. And the meaning of character dominates in straight compare with reputation.

If you seek your life for reputation, you may miss the wonderful moments with the character. People will like what you do because of your good attitude towards you. That creates good reputation about your character. Nothing is single, everything is connected to the deepest level of consciousness.

One last thing. Even if you think you have the best character in the world, there will always be minds that judge you by their understanding of reality. Then you just do not fit into their life, and that is okay. But just don’t allow yourself to let you push down by words. When you did create your ultra self, the more attached you gonna be. That creates suffering. Only be attached to let the feeling arise in you, that you are this character already. Then detach again and just go with that frame you just did setup for your reality. Let nobody talk you between, except they help and support you in the direction you wanna go.

If you have friends or family who want to help you, by talking the idea out of your head, giving you shit loads of reasons to stay who you are and so forth, they just don’t know what you know now. Don’t listen and even better, don’t explain yourself. They have no idea how to understand it from their perspective. And that is normal. Still they want the best of you, or the best for them in not losing you as a friend, because most people see how massive you improve and just see themselves fall by the wayside. This mechanism is conditioned too. Start to detach and look non-judgmental.

Enjoy your day and make the best out of it with a good character and a good reputation about it.

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