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Is 100k income in 2017 really possible for you?

Is 100k income in 2017 really possible for you?
This is huge to me my friends. I just spoke to a potential customer on the phone and he told me, he has no interest in earning more money easily in the future by investing money in his education.
He said:
I live in the now, I need the money now! 
He went further, by telling me that all internet courses, money back guarantee and all this is a huge lie and people don’t make money online. No online shop ever is making profit. All the products are scam and all the numbers are fake. I realized that I need to change a lot more in that person than just the idea of becoming financially independent without doing shitloads of work.
I realized, I am not the right guy anymore who can help this kind of person. I just do not want to invest hours into one very attached person, who identifies himself with what he did in the past. Out of their awareness life just sucks anyway and they manifest it with their spoken complaints. As they did in the past and will do forever in the future. For them it will never be possible to live happier or wealthier than today, as they limit their believes in a destructive way.
That doesn’t help me, right? I stay in the frame, but then I deal with that kind of limited belief. Shall I really waste my energy on that? The suggestion here is, to leave the conversion early and make a honest point to keep the energy high for people who like what you do. Selfishly spoken, I only focus on the people who really are willing to look further with me then just for tomorrow. And for the people who like to share their ideas and thoughts with the world.
Have you ever looked at other people and wondered why ‘they’ are getting results, making REAL money and being able to impact the world, while travelling it and while you’re still stuck in first gear?
Educate, inspire, change!
Again, this was intended just for the people that are in our empower network, but today you’re getting to see it for free.
You can take this and apply it into your business, no matter what you’re promoting or selling. I think we are all on this planet to grow naturally & consistently.
I’m really excited for you to see it. If you like the content, share this information with people who matter to you, too.

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