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Success, Routines and Mindset to better life quality

Success, Routines and Mindset to better life quality

To achieve the goals I set, I just observe for myself a very deep level of understanding how habit and routine is working against or for us. We just choose. Either for the one what pushes us down, or for the way we get what we want and lifts us up. The difference is just how much fun we have. The more fun, the less possible it is that we quit. Do you want to quit? Probably you did already many times back in the past, if you dare to remember. But did you really want to give up, or was there a force you weren’t aware of?

Stop here for a second and think twice. Focus on your feelings and observe your thoughts. Just watch. What is holding you back to achieve? Maybe, you struggle to find a really good why, a reason to push to the limit every day. Maybe you didn’t have find the true inner purpose yet. That makes it really hard for you to persevere as it can be hard to do something you don’t love or like so much. ALL people have this, you are not alone. Is that your job you do Monday to Friday from 9-5? Maybe you just do it, to survive, as you need money for rent, for food and maybe for some extra like holiday or anything else. You cannot quit your job, because than you give up all the things, you need the money too, right? You just work and work and work, you consume more and more from the money you make at work. But where does that bring you? NOWHERE, every day is the same day for the rest of your life. Until you realize it and YOU TAKE ACTION. But when you quit this idea of your life, just for no reason, you are done with that and turn your back over. You never want to see it again, except your memory makes it even harder for you, as it shows you how much you lose right now. Is that really possible for you to become a producer and stop being a consumer for lifetime?

The truth is, you just suck very hard! Your life is shit without these things, as TV, Media and corporate greed make you feel, you are a worthless piece of shit. Buy this and that to become happy. But the truth is, buying doesn’t make you happy. The hormones does, while you go for shopping. The same hormones can be activated in the process of producing something you like to share. Selling makes you happy too, not because of the money you gonna earn, but because of the action. Buying and selling is almost the same. The only thing changes is the way of who spend money and who receive it. YES, blame yourself for being a consumer and blame others to spell you in their products. But realize to make a change right now! Start at least with something to push you out of this couch potato lifestyle, out of the hamster wheel. See the amazing benefits of uncommon action out of the comfort zone. Realize that you cannot control all aspects of life, but you always can somehow have a feeling of control to your own thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This is influencing your decisions and therefore your actions.

For me now, I find a very good way and routine to make a quality life with all benefits of wealth, success and relationship.

  1. Wake up and motivate yourself through workout. Not the workout is the motivation, but the massive energy flow after. To start doing it, you need to look over the HARD TASK and just push yourself with that higher goal. Just stand up and do it. Being in shape, or just look awesome, because workout makes you healthy, sexy and happy. Not the task itself is doing it, but the push of your mind to do it. Because no workout ever is done without mind influence.
  2. Prepare that big things happening throughout the day. Be aware of your tasks and schedule them in a way, you can achieve all goals on that way. Determinate and rock the tasks. Calibrate always after things happens.
  3. Set up regular tasks to motivate you, to be productive and to make money. Being in this spiral of not enough from everything means also to always give up something from anything else. To be rich and wealthy means to shift your awareness from consumption to production. Do you make money by watching TV or do you make money by producing or selling a TV? You get the idea. Have a life balance of consumption and production, but be always more a producer than a consumer.
  4. Plan your work and work your plan. Success means to achieve the goals YOU set. Be aware of goals and dreams from other people and how they influence you, to get your money. It is okay to be part of goals from others, but make a point. What do you want in your life? Do you want to be a slave of someone else dream or do you want to use your imagination to create your own dream? Remember, actually we are not creating anything, we tune into the unlimited possibilities and make it happen through our actions. Everything is already there, just waiting for you to transform it.
  5. Keep up the work, keep up failing and keep up laughing about it. Because rich people knows, learning means success. If you want to be rich financially, you have to learn about finances. If you still play GTA or Pokemon, you only make other people rich, you lose valuable time to go for your dreams. Why these games are working to brilliant? They use life principles to keep you engaged. They reward you for actions and the rewards are helping you for the next level. That’s it. Use it for the game called life! BUT, you probably will have no respawn into your body.
  6. I know, it can be demanding to produce a fucking awesome happy life, but only in the beginning until you build momentum and just take the right actions to the right moment. When it is not clear yet, what you really really want, allow yourself to develop the dream you ever wanted. Everything is possible, even if it seems to be total disaster. All chances are there for all at the same time. Instead of seeing hurdles or obstacles, you now create a sense of seeing offers to fill with or transform into something, where you can benefit from. Hopefully where we all can.
  7. Achieve the goals and more. Achievement is something very flexible. When you wake up in the morning and think you just take a shower and make breakfast, this is achievable in the very same moment. If you plan to meet a new business partner in the evening and you do so, this is achievement too. If you set a goal for the next 3 years, and you didn’t hit the goal, it is still achievement. Because you do not reward yourself for the good or bad results, but for the actions what took you there. The more you do, the more results you will get. Not always the ones you are looking for, but you can always learn from it. This is crucial to a happy life. If you don’t do nothing, you still get results. But does these results bring you somewhere? NO. Not the non-action, but the action brought you there. Results are good, but action is more important.
  8. Get your rest in a scheduled time. Hit the plan and plan to recover. Even here you need to schedule the time to come down and relax. Being spontaneous is most of the time a treat of unsuccessful people. I was like this and I still don’t like to give up the “freedom” to make what ever I want to, when I want to. At the end I do nothing, because I have no schedule and when I don’t have something to look forward, why I should do something about it? Schedule everything, start today and make habits work for you.

Alright, this said is already huge, but never can be complete. I could write more about this topic here, but I know how the universe is, and will give me a next topic on this soon.

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