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Daily routines and why you have to schedule them?

Daily routines and why you have to schedule them?

I want o make it quick and simple here. As routines are crucial to form a lifestyle only habit people profit, very little know how to set up a perfect schedule. Important is to be aware of negative habits and how to break through destructive behavior. With a schedule, you can enjoy the amazing balance of consuming and producing. How this is influencing our daily life and why it is important to growth and natural thriving.

Next time you want to do something, schedule it. Set goals and schedule the achievement. Make space to supercharge our lives and share your progress. Get rid of limiting tasks like thoughtless consuming and start to produce, like making a simple workout. Be the creator.

It takes some effort in the beginning to restrict consumption and to feel good with it. Remember that missing hormones. It can be hard. It takes little willpower in the morning and a lot of willpower in the evening to transform habits. Do the hardest tasks of change in the morning and the easiest in the evening. To make a point here. Most people struggle with food consumption and therefor with many health issues. Getting rid of concentrated sugars for example makes a huge impact on the quality of life after you are over the sugar addiction. You think you are not addicted? Avoid sugars for at least the breakfast and realize what kind of slave you are for lunch!

It is your fault and the fault of companies, that doesn’t really give a fuck except profit. The system is made to make money with EVERYTHING. This said, the industry only serves what people demand for. If you still buy the things they offer, they produce even more and also research in this further, to give you an even better feeling of consumption. Making it tastier, different or anything else. All products are constantly shaping and transforming because of your desire. STOP THOUGHTLESS CONSUMING.

Start to look for chances and possibilities to make a difference in a way, you can be healthy, happy and live a life in a harmonic balance of consuming and producing. If you consider to allow yourself to become at least a 50/50 person, your life is already dramatically improving. Reward yourself for taking action and spike up your life!

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, tell me what it is. I know that my writing style, the words I use and in general my mind is very overwhelming and I just type down the words running through my mind. My intention is to give you a very great content. Since awareness is different from person to person and from time to time, allow yourself to give me a feedback, what you don’t like and what did you like the most. Be honest and share your thoughts.

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