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How questioning life will open up new dimensions?

How questioning life will open up new dimensions?
Hey crowd, here is my masterpiece for today. I was enjoying another impulsive coaching today in front of the mirror and I can laugh. Because it is the first, I set up a funny and humorous mood. Challenge excepted.
I know, this is probably something you need to criticize on. Your honest truth is highly appreciated, as I come from a believe of learning, so anything you have to say will push me forward. And of course to all of you who love what I teach, even if I have never done it on camera before, please support this crazy guy and Spread your word with me about this topic. Some sentences will sound similar, as I just want you to be annoyed sometimes too. This makes this article even more unique.
Today the question I am about to answer is from Chris from Germany.

He is asking: Hi Dave, you say now after 4 years of traveling, that you have learned every day a new lesson. What lessons are this?

Wow, that is a huge question. Basically the answer will follow until the end of this video. To break down for the start, I say, I speak with myself in a more influential and seductive way. This increases my social dynamics too, as I tend to speak in the same tonality and frequency. Hmmm, I ask more questions then regular people do as I learn in social interactions. Direct eye2eye communication is getting rar in the world of facebook and whatsapp. I believe now, some need just a good reason to change. What else, hmmmm, I think more about the future and shape this idea consciously​ in some time of the day​. And importantly I log my progress, thoughts and words. Something like this.

​Most of the time before the workout and between working out the projects.​
​So I take action towards ​realization of ​this idea​s​. I push beyond the limit of my imagination ​until I break through ​that ​unknown territory to ​then ​get what I want. The true inner purpose to thrive. ​And we can thrive ​through conscious repetition. It’s just practice and then habit. ​Effortless ​routine is created. ​
​You did 100% to get 100%, but as you logged your progress, you now see what you actually have done to get what results. And WOW, be amazed, you will find a stunning 20% effort to an estimated outcome of 80%. In 4 of 5 cases you get what you want and 1 time you learn how it doesn’t work. Accept that perfection destroys us. Nobody is perfect as everybody is. Change the meaning of a word.
In the progress of life, sometimes I don’t get the results I want, less then usually. Many times I need to push myself even harder to not procrastinate or find other unproductive tasks. Find a purpose in life or think about something like a calling. Where motivation just squirt out of you. Now I work smarter not harder. Shaping my thoughts, learning new words and expanding consciousness. It is the way I see the failure or mistakes, or? We have the power to realize our daily choices we either take or miss. Even thinking about missed choices is wasted time. As thinking is time creation. Think of yesterday, think of tomorrow and you create time. A perception of something to understand. From a growth mindset we will improve by failure. Seeing an attainable challenge is always a good motivation or? Imagine, just imagine. You are 80 years old, the best way to learn another language is to meet a young and sexy spanish man/woman. Our imagination is a tool and we need to understand what it is. Education helps us.
Because, in another way it can let destroy us and our environment. Be aware of our power. It can be transformed in a virus and literally change the tears of joy, to tears of pain. Take this simple choice and push beyond condition!
Because we influence ourselves and the environment consistently with our intentions. Since we can think consciously, we are shaping our reality. Hard example. A war is a tool to spread fear, hate, anger, danger to create a certain problem and they tell, the war helps to fight it. Why a war on drugs can never solve the drug problem? It’s simply just because the war creates the problem. Corporate greed knows this. It’s a negative expression of the ego attachment to make money because of the profit financial system. There is no real fight of religion or anything else. Sit down and breath. Stop accepting this and follow the solution. Lay down your thoughts while meditating to lay down the weapons. We have the choice. To be obedient is a conscious choice, to kill for a reason is still killing. Do you want to have to make this choice? Please, no, we beat this loop from television and media and open up for other content! Skip shit, means free time to personal and social development.
For what of those choices you wanna go?

Use the mind and transform reality from zero awareness to Oh-my-fucking-God-amazing-really-was-that-there-before-already-the-whole-time-but-I-didn’t-recognized-it-until-now-moment. The mind is just a tool, an instrument of creating and shaping. Like a tune. Vibration and influence. Shaping, transforming and growing consistently. Choose the direction and set an possible result. If you really want to make a change in the world and beyond, think limitless, nonjudgmental and playful. We need to find a simple way on how to use all of our tools properly and beneficial for us in a way to true freedom. The true and real freedom is education.

Are you with me here? What we need is education.
​”​Education solves all problems,​ the more you know and take action.”​ – Dave Travolta

This mindset initiate the outset. SO STOP DESTRUCTIVE THINKING. Because of our conditioning we are believed to accept what the country is doing and paying for with our taxes? It is just an obedient attitude from past experiences and that stories you heard about experiences from other people. Everything is constantly shaping ourselves and our environment. Everyday we see new people and we have influence on them. Even without knowing, subconsciously or consciously putting effort and willpower to it, we all can achieve our deepest dreams. We can get back this incredible fun part of life where we just explore without any judgment. We go for painful headaches and broken toes 😉 And we still have fun. Just a different level of excitement I guess. To be this child again, we need to get rid of the conditioning frame soon. Not screaming through the streets or crying in the supermarket, or why not? Who says you cannot show your emotions? Say no to requests and just learn to put intention in every thought and action simultaneously.

It means realization to this conditioning and the knowledge to shape it as desired. The name itself tell it not good enough, as condition is a limiting, fixed word. It cannot grow. Better to say Progress. May it be easy things like using your voice tonality or walking more straight, or writing this article now. This is influence. First the command is given, the body follows. It is always a good idea to think not only a second time, but consciously shaping that thought, that feelings, by just using other words and other trigger. I believe in this idea of a mindset of growth. As nature does too, or? Nature is nonjudgmental, fearless and abundant. Do you think the tree is thinking about growing or it is just growing naturally? And when it could think, would it think of chopping off the neighbor because it has brown leaves? Or would it just think of how happy it is to be next to each other and enjoy the sun? Ask questions 🙂
Questions to grow together? Yes, for example. Since we are not trees, we can already choose for the better life, or? Not pushing us down, but lifting us up in every possible way. Do you know what I mean here? We consciously give a reason and use our hands to fight or to shake hands and hug. Nothing ever will be between us than attached ego conditioned thinking. Get the fuck off the lack mentality. Ahhh, lack produces many different feelings, hormones and stress inside of us. We are incredible powerful creatures who create creations. Haha, Just as an example. No matter what problems you have, just sit down for a moment and breath. This is all there is. Everything else ist just thought. Really, don’t just read this and think about doing it, really take action now. Break the pattern and commit to 1 simple exercise. As you find yourself now in a sitting position, you shift your attention to your breath. As you recognize it, you inhale even deeper than normal and then breath out even more than normal. With the next repetition you inhale and exhale deeper and faster. Repeat it for at least 40 times. Focus on a steady pace of 2 seconds in and 3 seconds out. After a while you will feel something, what have you felt?
​Tell me your thoughts and opinions about this and spread with other interesting people.

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