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Why am I doing this things here over and over again?

Why am I doing this things here over and over again?

Why I am doing all this? Why is that important? To whom is that and why and …

Get me right, there is so much to explore and we just need to find out, how. Friends call me Dave, and this identification of how reality is perceived by the body and mind, is a combination of many characters together performed by one higher “pilot” what keeps the machine going without any thought needed.

Not to understand complete, because its never fully explored. Always new challenges in front of us. Or do you see obstacles or hurdles? It is how you make the next decision with it. Create a happy life with happy decisions. 

Hmmm, allow yourself at this point to lose all tension made by yourself unconsciously programmed or subconsciously conditioned auto judgement and rejection. Pause, take time to reflect to really see whats going on. Play this game with fun.

You will now just read the next words and will feel more and more okay with it, to let this words go inside of you, while you just focus on your breath. You breath consciously in and out much deeper and faster as normal. Fully in and fully out. This needs some practice already. And you will feel a tingling light headed sensation. Repeat this over and over again, until you start tripping. WHAT?

Are you still with me? As you do this, you will find yourself about to pace to your bodies new frequency. Highly alkaline, stress free and amazingly aware. Science prove it again. Oxygenation is key for health, balance and natural growth.

With this blog I give you a daily quick update out of my awareness and experience on a non-judgemental, effortless way of being and for your daily life to integrate in less then 5 minutes a day. You are about to make life the one that we all have access too. With just some words to read, repeat and to act on! Be the role model of the life and get what you give in return.

Share and comment your thoughts on anything. I am glad to improve with opinions from you to give you even better and more precious insights of a spiritual healthy lifestyle. Do you want that? If yes, how clever was it then to just get to the Updates right away in the mailbox? If you like, you get all these papers by post. In the future there will be a time we can imagine where natural fibers like hemp comes back to life in its purest form. Hemp paper is just amazing. Again research reveal amazing things. Do you like amazing things? Yes? So if this is helpful for you I invite you to share it right now and get a free bonus skype session.

Do you think friends of yours can benefit from this too? Hmmm, good idea. Share right now. You want to read to the end first, before you share to be extra sure? That is okay. Take an extra tour and look in all the happy faces from the experiences before. Scientifically we are all just simple energy, stardust oder what else you want to say. Too technically or theoretically, hmmm?

Prepare yourself for something impressive and overwhelming, the power what is inside of you. Just waiting to get unleashed. It efforts some dedication and willpower in the first place, but then, it just goes effortlessly. The momentum is build up and when the train is running once, nothing can stop it. High quality and standards are key.

Lets say, we have all a very congruent self awareness. Total understanding. While all problems and fears comes simple just from missunderstanding. It implies something more deep here. I show you a fun way to literally change our reality, right now. Do you want a fun way to be conscious, creating habits and routines towards your goals, or better towards our goals!

How can I help you? Let my expression of words influence you in a good way. Allow yourself to let me prove it. Do you want me to prove what I say? If yes, study backs this up again. Interesting whats really going on in the world, while some are distracted by their ego desire. Anyway, we cover this in another chapter. Goal setting is as important as acting towards achieving them. Simultaneously learning, teaching and developing each other. Also here, studies and research back this up. Amazing what comes true just by giving awareness to it. Even better. The words are important. To drive a Ferrari you need to talk like a Ferrari Driver. Think thoughts of productive people. Read and repeat. Copy and paste and act on it.

Hmmm, that higher something likes to write some more but here is stop for now. If you like this content, and hmmmm, if you read until here it’s quiet good I bet, as I know this community is vibrating also already in this unique frequency. Do you want further investigation into some topics for detailed insights? What did you like the most, what didn’t you like? All your comments are welcome and appreciated, as I can learn from this, to reframe and change 😉

Questions NOW and replay to this Blog. I would really love to teach you a way of living the dream, without working hard for years, without amazing sparetime. Just take 2 minutes for one question, what you haven’t solved or answered yet, but you need help with? I am about to answer you this. 

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