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We are all connected already and when we meet we find the reason why

Dave Travolta

I'll show you how

Without Dave, we wouldn’t have University of Happy Life. His Ideas and Dedication are what we need in this world. We are happy that he gives us trust and power to develop our lives and grow naturally.

Dave Travolta

Founder & CEO

Jessica has made an incredible impact on our tribe. Without her showing us new ways, we would still approach things the wrong way. We are happy, that she follows the lead of Dave and helps us succeed.

Jessica Ramirez

Back Office

Romi is the head of our marketing. She is almost alone responsible for the marketing and the campaigns. Her ideas and consistency in combining different things together, are a big cornerstone of our success.

Romi Romanesci

Online Marketing

Georg was fist a trainee and started to mash things up. His mind-blown ideas and concepts has shaped our perception and altered our thinking drastically. Without him, we still would do things the hard way.


Georg Müller


It's easy as one-two-three

1-On-1 Coaching


Premium Coaching

To reach the limits and go beyond without struggle, it is important to find balance between growth and relaxation.


Follow Up

We all operate a bit differently. So in order to become the happy version of ourselves, we must keep in touch.


Exclusive Access

All of our students have lifetime access to the platforms we provide and thus we make sure you reap the full benefits.

You have succeeded when all you really want is only what you really need.

- Ellie Lindström

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